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יום שישי, 17 בדצמבר 2010

The math of time waste

How do you calculate the time you waste on an average day in the office?

Do you have a formula that helps you to know the exact amount of time that you don't use to promote your goals and targets?

Allow me to suggest an idea: If it doesn't help you to achieve your goal – it’s a waste of time!

Let me show you what I mean, by attacking the no.1 time consuming task in sales life – cold calling. When you cold call you basically disturb a prospect day to try and sell something to him (meeting, information etc.). Even if you were smart enough to do your homework before calling and you know a thing or tow about your prospect there are no guarantee that the call will lead you somewhere, you simply "try your luck" in this call.

In my opinion – that's a waste of time. If your goal is to sell more, to establish relationship, to earn more money then act and do things that will get you there.

Just relaying on the law of large numbers to justify your actions isn't enough anymore. You must focus your effort on things that really work. For instance: If you know that referrals are the thing that work the best for you – do it, if e-mails do it for you – so be it.

Just don't waste your on things that don't work because you read it somewhere, or because you participated in some seminar. Do what's right for you; for your character, for your industry, and most – for your clients. 

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